Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update from the frontdesk

It is with sadness in my heart to tell you Stacey Stratton is leaving my clinic.
For two years Stacey has run my front-office with a stellar performance.
She has always been a very committed and super motivated worker,
making everybody she has to deal with feel at ease. As office manager Stacey has made life easier for me, in the sense that I got to do what I love doing: Spending time with my patients, while Stacey ironed out the kinks in the front. She's been a God sent angel!
The time has come that Stacey has to commit more time to her family,
hence her departure from Ruud Vuijsters Pain Management.
 With four kids and two grand-kids, you know she'll have a full-time job at home!
I surely wish Stacey and her family the best;)

I have been blessed finding a new office manager,
without having to go through the lengthy process of placing an add,
followed by the screening of the resumes and the numerous interviews...
During the course of next week I will post an introduction of our new office manager.

Scott Hebert, our new PT seems to be settling in at the clinic and is gradually seeing more patients. He is also starting to see some 'home health' patients on the side.
We both have faith that in near future Scott will be at full speed here.


  1. I am such a proponent of customer service everywhere I go, and I can tell you that it is rare that one finds top-notch service!

    Well, Stacey definitely gets the concept (and so does Ruud for that matter)!

    I will miss our morning breakfast, but most of all I will miss that gentle smile and warm disposition.

    I wish you well!

  2. Hey Stacey!

    Sorry to see you go. How is Ruud going to function without you?


  3. So sad to hear Stacey is leaving! She was always so kind and sweet to me.

    Best of luck Stacey:)

  4. Stacey, best of luck and I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. Take care of yourself and feel free to stop by any time.