Friday, March 26, 2010

Vuijsters Pain Management Dime Tour

This dime-tour has been made possible with iPhone camera!
Photo credits: Ruud Vuijsters
This location has been home to Vuijsters Pain Management
since July 2005. 
As you can tell from looking at the pictures, 
we strive to offer a relaxed atmosphere.

"Health is not necessarily the absence of pain,
rather the presence of a divine serenity." RJV


  1. Hey Ruud,

    Glad you posted pictures of your treatment suites, and yes the word suites was used because that's exactly what they are.

    I will never forget my first PT experience. I was a fireman at the time, and hurt my back responding to a call. Within 24 hours I was following a PT to my first treatment. The office was cold, small enough to induce a serious case of claustrophobia, and he never touched me!

    He quickly hooked me up to an electrostem machine, asking "let me know how much of a dose you can stand." Upon saying "when" he left the room while I stared at a blank wall for 15-20 minutes.

    He returned only to switch out the electric pad for a heating pad, closed the curtain and left for another 15-20 minutes.

    Next step was putting some stapled papers in my hand with an abrupt "do these stretches over in the corner next to Mrs. Hebert on that table."

    So I stretched on the table while talking to Mrs. Hebert about the qualities of a perfectly made roux.

    Then... voila, session over! The thought that occupied my brain for the next few minutes (as I walked to my car) was why does everyone say PT school is so hard, when obviously they don't do much at all?

    So needless to say, I was quite surprised when I first strolled into your office, and I was even more surprised when I sat down in a spacious suite surrounded by pictures, books, art, memorabilia, hanging spines, etc.!

    I felt comfortable. More importantly, I felt that homey sensation one gets when visiting home after being away for some time.

    My expectations were really blasted through the roof, when you worked "hands on" as they say, never taking a break, and providing great conversation throughout.

    But I left upset because I couldn't help but think about all the patients and doctors who lump all PTs into the stale, unpersonalized, robotic style of treatment I first experienced. If only people new the first class treatment one receives at the Ruud Vuijsters Practice of Pain Management, the PT world in Lafayette would be a much better place!

    And one shouldn't take my word for it. Once they walk through your office and see all the professional athletes and movie stars you have treated, there is no other proof needed that you run the best PT office in town.

    More importantly, any patron receives the same care that Dianne Lane, Wade Richey, and all the collegiate athletes have, and to me that is what is so special about your practice.

    Congrats on the new changes/improvements and I will see you soon my friend!


  2. Mark Miller / Precision BikesMarch 28, 2010 at 1:51 PM

    Ruud congrats on the new site! Another great project which all of your work is. Thanks first of all with all you have done for me, my family and my business over the past 15 years. You have been a blessing to me with all of your motivation and help.Many of times before a race i was feeling sub par. After a couple of visits to your clinic I bounce back strong. Thank you for taking care of all the patients and athletes that I have sent to you.I am also pleased to have you be a partner of Precision Bikes. You are a driving force with my business. You support and friendship mean the world to me. Stay strong and in the saddle.

  3. Ruud, the new site is wonderful, as are you. Just wanted to take a minute as a former patient to say how much I value the treatment I received at your clinic. Within minutes of sitting with you that first visit I knew it would be a safe place to bring my pain and begin the journey back to health. Thank you for always having the ears to listen, the heart to pray and the hands to heal. Wishing you many more years of success!