Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chanel and Carisse Gaude Nepal\Cambodia Trip

Gaywynn's younger daughters, Chanel and Carisse, are about to embark on a great journey!
Help us to bring love, support, and learning supplies to Nepal and Cambodia!!

" I, Chanel, and my sister, Carisse, will be visiting Southeast Asia for two months this fall. For the first month of our travels, we will be volunteering with Global Crossroads at the Ashna Orphanage in Lamatar, Nepal. For 4 weeks, we will sleep, eat, learn, and dance with 18 orphans. We would love to bring them bubbles, posters, chalk, toys, and any other things we can get our hands on that will make them smile. That may include materials that the orphanage needs to maintain the health and well-being of the children, such as clothes and medicine. For the next month, we will travel through Cambodia visiting the temples and families that I came to know through my research there in 2010.
We are so excited to spread the enthusiasm in our hearts and any donations we receive will help us do so!
For more information and updates on our journey, visit Carisse’s blog, titled Wanderlust.
If you'd like to support, please click on link below and type in 'Gaude' in search. Thanks so much!!"

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