Saturday, February 10, 2018

Elbow Fracture

Follow up post on this horrendous elbow fracture, (after a nasty bicycle crash), and the progress made since the November 19th surgery. “T-girl” has completed 4 weeks of physical\manual therapy. At start the mobility of the right elbow was limited to about 130* extension, 120* flexion, also limited for external\internal rotation. Significant pain was experienced with start of mobilization. On her last visit to my office the mobility has improved to about 95* flexion, 160* extension and near full mobility for external\internal rotation. The mobilization now is paired with moderate to light pain, ( please keep in mind that T-girl is one tough cookie ). I am so proud of her, her motivation\determination and all the hard work she puts in!! Looking forward to speedy, ongoing progress and hopefully back on the bike soon...

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